Why Pet Supplements For Dogs Often Fail to Provide the Nutrients They Claim to Offer

white poodle puppy on purple textile

Pet supplements are a hot topic in the pet world these days. The media, the internet, and even some veterinarians have started asking questions about what exactly are these products really intended to do. Many owners have brushed off the idea of giving their pet supplements, but there are both good and bad ingredients and sometimes a little bit of both. In this article, I will attempt to address some of these questions for pet owners to help them make the best decision possible when it comes to whether or not to give these supplements to their pet(s).

The first thing that we need to address is why there are supplements in the first place. The reason most people will buy pet food is that they want to be able to give their pet premium quality food at a reasonable price. Most pet food stores do offer high protein dog food items at discount prices. But to get the same effect from the pet food as you would from an exclusive brand, you are going to need to give your pet a supplement. This is where a vet or veterinary nutritionist come into play.

The problem with pet supplements is that the nutrient value of the product itself may not be sufficient for your pet’s nutritional needs. You may be feeding your pet a lot of junk food and yet you may not be giving him enough vitamins and other essential nutrients to keep him healthy and strong. The products offering vitamins and minerals usually contain only trace amounts of the nutrients, so your pet will not be getting the full amount needed.

The pet supplements also usually contain chemicals such as fillers and preservatives that are not necessary in order to get the full nutritional benefits. Some of these chemicals are simply unnecessary in the pet food products offering. There are a number of pet owners who have purchased pet supplements with these types of ingredients in them and have found that their pet’s health has suffered as a result. Many times, pet owners do not realize that they are not getting the vitamins and minerals that their pet needs because the label does not indicate that these ingredients are included. Some pet owners are not even sure about which ingredients are in the nutritional supplement and do not trust the label, believing that these chemicals are added just to increase the cost of the product and make it seem better.