RELX Pod -Reliable Electronic System

The RELX pod method of cigarette replacement reduces the amount of nicotine you take in, while giving you a smoother smoking experience. The technology is called the pre_filled system and has been around for awhile. The first generation of this system required you to fill a bottle with liquid nicotine which then sat in the reservoir, never being refilled. This meant that not only was your liquid nicotine spent but also any flavor it contained. The newer systems have a patented design that does not require a liquid nicotine replacement.

relx pod

The RELX pod is a lightweight and rechargeable pen style device specifically designed for vapers. The RELX uses electronic honeycomb wick technology for a balanced blend between vapor production and pure flavor. The RELX requires no buttons to be pressed, simply placed into the reader by pulling the pin tab. Once the tab is removed, the coils inside provide an electronic pulse that relives the reader of the spent cartridge and replaces it with a fresh one. This process occurs every time without you having to do anything but pull out the plug.

Most vapers find the RELX pods convenient because they are available in two different sizes. The small ones measure a mere 4.3 inches diagonally and come with three cartridges. These are replaceable meaning you can continue refilling them as long as you like. The larger version is a bit larger and measures a full seven inches diagonally. It comes with five cartridges and it will last a lifetime if used properly. The larger pod system battery comes with an electronic charger so you do not need to worry about buying an extra battery or plugging the charger into a power source.

The RELX pod can be perfect for those who love vapors and prefer not to use a kit when they are ready to purchase a replacement cartridge. You can get one of these at a discount price when you place orders for them on the internet. When you place an order, the company sends your order information along with the correct battery capacity and voltage of your equipment to their toll free number. They ship your new cartridge straight to your home or place of work the next working day.

The RELX system allows you to upgrade your electronic equipment whenever the battery capacity, wattage, and volts are adjusted so you can always have the perfect serving of e-liquid. When the wattage and volts are changed, you simply update the configuration and download the necessary software to change the configurations. No additional software is needed and the system remains constant and functioning the same. No battery capacity or software needs to be installed to make this affordable product available to everyone.

The pod mod can be used in any vehicle regardless of whether it has a plug or electric outlet. The pod mod has no effect on the vehicle’s electrical system so it is safe to operate any vehicle that has a plug and play capabilities. The charging time is fast and the power is distributed quickly between the batteries. Reliable brands like Reliable electronic components are interchangeable with top name brands like Samsung, Philips, and Dell so you know that you are getting quality parts that will withstand a life time of service. If you are looking for a convenient way to charge your portable devices and get fast, reliable power, the RELX Pod system should be considered.

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